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Pent House, Magnolias

Theme: Modern & Contemporary
Duration: 3500 KM 7 months

A property, a penthouse in Magnolias, had been taken up by our team to be beautifully landscaped, so it rests to be an epitome of perfect arhictecture and luxury at the same time. The place talks of elegance and soul in its entirety.

Our team worked on the renovation of the property, complete with its exteriors and interiors giving it a fresh and reviving look that anyone would be yearning to reside in such warm and beautiful spree. The interiors were all designed in a fusion theme, which was a blend of modern and contemporary styling, as desired by the client, resting to be one of best interior design mix.

It was pictured and implemented in such a breathtaking way, that the whole place looked like groomed out from just a property to an alluring beauty to spend youe days in. Our designers worked on the furniture designs along with the client to their satisfaction, with tailor made and customized designs to be suit the best of their interests. It turned out to be a turnkey project in an overall fashion, created and built over in 7 months. The journey had been really rewarding and experience driven, with happy and overwhelmed clients who loved the product to the core.

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