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Residential, New Friends Colony

Theme : Urban Modern
Duration: 5 months

We were thrilled to completely take up the end-to-end design & styling of this property in Delhi, rich with grandeur but in need of some grace and elegance to embrace it into a place worth living in.

The entire interiors were designed in an urban modern look, abiding by the latest design techniques in the industry with a very lively colour palette to suit the whole place. It was embraced with luxurious metals and accessories with wall mounts, furnishings, painting & artwork.

Our designers took over the designing of the furniture as well with bespoke designs for the overall furnishing of the property throughout. From the moment we entered the property, we could acually visualize the aura it would create once the designs will be implemented completely. The lighting was improved throughout the property with LED down lighting and beautifully handcrafted statement lighting giving a go ahead to the ultimate beauty.

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