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Residential, Punjabi Bagh

Theme : Fusion
Duration: 8 months

We designed a residential property in Punjabi Bagh, Delhi, for which the clients actually needed a lively place, with beautiful artefacts that they can reside in, just making them life a bit more comfortable and luxurious at the same time.

So the team took over the renovation of the exteriors and interiors, all excited to furnish it into a dream home, a place to be. After a period of to and fros with the client and suggestions by our design experts, the theme was decided to be fusion, a mix of modern and contemporary, just so the place rests with its true soul and emotions, balanced with a modern design look & feel for the entire area.

A royal color palette with a touch of elegance made the entire property emerge as a luxurious piece of art. It took a tenure of 8 months to bring things to finalization. The client also left us a testimonial for our quality service and bespoke design suggestions made by the team.

We loved the work been done by Design Essence. The team had been so supportive and passionate about their work, such good ideas, their vision and ensuring a quality work just took over our hearts. We wish they keep creating beautiful surroundings, inspiring and enhancing lifestyles.”

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